Slideshows! :)

BEWARE: (A disclaimer)These are NOT NOT notes...these are used for review only. They do not include all the terms we have covered NOR are they sufficient to substitue as notes. If you have missed class please get the notes from a friend or contact me ASAP.

YOU have reached the slideshow PAGE! I made these myself!! YES_- I typed them with my little chunky fingers...there are over 1200 vocabulary terms here. All you have to do is download up the powerpoint slideshow and run the show from the beginning. Sit back, relax, and hit will see a question (a definition).. try to answer it-- and then click enter again and you will see the answer. Sooooo easy. Its like taking your teacher home with you to study! Its like having a private tutor!

Every theme is already here for you. All you have to do is use it! Make sure you do all the reading first and use these as practice only. Remember-- NO ONE else has this. I MADE THESE! THEY ARE MINE!! And I made them for YOU. <3

:-) Your WELCOME

--------------------------------------------The following are review slideshows for practicing the vocab-----------------

Intro to Psych and Research methods     

Neuroscience and the BRAIN    

Sensation and Perception

Learning and Conditioning

Memory and Forgetting



Emotions, Drives and Motives

Stress and Coping

Child development infancy - adolescence

Child Development part 2

Stress and Coping

Abnormal Psychology

Therapy and Clinical Psych

Social Psychology

Looking for the MORE F*U*N* slideshows to study with:?????????????? :)) They are right here!

Important People Slideshow:-------->>>>> Can't keep the people straight?? Who they are, what they did and what they look like !!

Confusing Pairs Slideshow: ---------->>>>>2 words often found together-- and often confused.....Check it out!! (updated and fixed)

Study AP Psych with ANALOGIES------->>>>> 100 + vocab......Check it out!!