This is your agenda for the week!

What's for homework? ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS READ your your notes, do the end of the chapter practice tests and use the textbook website for help. Check Agenda for what we are doing! Remember that the agenda is not set in stone. I will make changes depending on our progress in  class-- this is why it is good to check it daily! I will announce changes and document them here. PUT ME ON FAVORITES!!! Below is the tentative schedule for the week. Notice I do include hints for a quiz...but remember that pop quizes are not limited to these. I can quiz you spontaneously at anytime to make sure  you are reading!

Did you miss a test? or a reading check?

If you missed a reading check-- it won't hurt you or help you. If it appears as an X in the gradebook-- this means that it wont be calculated into your final grade. However, if you miss a quiz, essay or must make this up! It may appear as a 0 in the gradebook-- this is to remind you to make it up!