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AP Psychology Syllabus

Leslie Rios

Western High School

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The purpose of AP Psychology is to introduce to students the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to psychological facts, principles, and phenomenon associated with each of the major subfields within psychology.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will prepare to do acceptable work on the AP Psychology Exam
  2. Students will study the major core concepts and theories of psychology/ They will be able to define key terms and be able to use them in everyday vocabulary
  3. Students will learn the basic skills of psychological research and be able top apply psychological concepts to their daily lives.
  4. Students will be able to critically think about questions and be able to express their opinions and thoughts in essay format.


Additional Teacher Resources/ Student Resources:

Myers, David G. Psychology  New York Worth 2012

Baron’s AP Psychology Review

Cracking the AP Psychology Exam Princeton Review Publishing

Course/ Homework / Testing expectations:

Students will be responsible to cover the unit in approximately 5 in class days. This will vary depending on theme. There will be times where units are combined. The unit readings are mandatory and necessary. This is daily homework! Students must keep up with vocabulary terms and taking notes in class will help with that. In class activities may be done to supplement readings. Class lectures will further elaborate on terms and help student with the application of psychological concepts. It will be the student’s responsibility to supplement the notes with the reading from the chapter. Students will prepare for an essay test and multiple choice tests that emulate the Advanced Placement in rigor for each and every unit. Students will also have opportunities to do “hands on” project “TEACH” at the end of the course in which they can reserve their topic at the beginning of the semester.

Pop Quizes and spontaneous tests can be given at any time. They will only cover things that have been reviewed in class or read for homework. Usually, instructor warns in advance-- but sometimes it is spontaneous. Unit tests and essays will be scheduled in advanced and posted on the agenda online and on the white board.

Teacher also reserves the right to give a participation grade or points for activities in class. Deductions will be made for excessive talking, behavioral infractions and sleeping. Students will have opportunities to correct behavior and re-gain points upon improvement.

Students will also be expected to learn to grade their own essays and the essays of others. Research shows that students become better essay writers for the AP Psychology when they are trained and taught to be readers of the AP Psychology Essays. Therefore, there will be times that a student  will grade another student's essay. Teacher reads all essays and reviews all grades before they become final. Students will always have a chance to question the rubric and the grading the of essay.

Make up testing will happen in the morning (In room 544 at 7 am) or during the class period. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to coordinate with the teacher an appropriate time and day to make up a test, quiz or essay.

Study Tools:

All students are required to have a portfolio (notebook) in which all study materials will be organized and ordered by chapter. They are to take notes inside of this notebook and it will also serve later as a grade per unit. This notebook is required to be with them everyday. The accumulated information  inside of this notebook will serve as an excellent study tool in May for the AP Psychology Exam. The teacher can ask for it at anytime. Students will not have to bring their textbook to class everyday. It can stay at home-- it is homework every night to read! All students are also encouraged to purchase a Review guide of their choosing- Princeton Review and or Baron’s is recommended.  The School book store may have them at a discounted price. It is necessary to have one!  Studies show the passing rate for the exam increasing with the use of these prep books. Feel free to check out the MANY MANY resources out there to help you pass the AP Psychology Exam.

Exam Schedule:

The exam day will be May 5

 AP exam Description- :

70 minutes       100 multiple choice questions

55 minutes       2 Essay questions

Course Pacing: 37 WEEKS TOTAL –33 WEEKS TIL EXAM

Week of: 8/20:                         Intro to class/Orientation/Unit 1

Week of: 8/27:                          Continue Unit 1& Test

Week of: 9/3:                             Unit 2

Week of: 9/10:                          Unit 2 & Test

Week of: 9/17:                           Unit 3A

Week of: 9/24:                          Unit 3A & Test

Week of: 10/1:                           Unit 3B

Week of: 10/8:                           Unit 3B & Test

Week of: 10/15:                        Unit 3C & Test

Week of: 10/22:                       Unit 4

Week of: 10/29:                       Unit 4 & Test

Week of: 11/5:                          Unit 5

Week of: 11/12:                        Unit 5 & Test

Week of: 11/19:                       Unit 6

Week of: 12/3:                         Unit 6 & Test

Week of: 12/10:                      Unit 7A & Test

Week of: 12/17:                      Unit 7B & Test

Week of: 12/24:                      WINTER BREAK                   

Week of: 12/31:                      WINTER BREAK

Week of: 1/7:                           Unit 8A & Test

Week of: 1/14:                         Unit 8B

Week of: 1/21:                      Unit 8B & Test

Week of 1/28                        Unit 9

Week of 2/4                          Unit 9& Test

Week of 2/11                        Unit 10

Week of 2/18                       Unit 10 & Test

Week of 2/25                      SPRING BREAK

Week of 3/4                        Unit 11

Week of 3/11                       Unit 11 & Test

Week of 3/18                      Unit 12

Week of 3/25                       Unit 12 & Test

Week of 4/1                          Unit 13

Week of 4/8                          Unit 13 & Test

Week of 4/15                       Unit 14

Week of 4/22                      Unit 14 & Test

Week of 4/29                       AP PREP

Week of 5/6                          AP EXAM!!! & DEBRIEFING

Week of 5/13                OPEN

Week of 5/20               OPEN

Week of 5/27               OPEN

Week of 6/3                 OPEN


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